Berlin in Germany is one of those cities where you can’t just do it all in one trip. There are so many museums, shows, and activities that it can be a bit overwhelming not just when you’re planning but to your budget too.

Fear not, because if you’re someone who likes to visit a bunch of places and not just wander around outdoors (which is fun in summer but way too cold in winter), the Berlin Welcome Card lets you do just that for a fixed price.

The question is: are the Berlin Welcome Card discounts worth it? Do you actually earn your money back? And what about that other option, the EasyCityPass Berlin?

I break it all down for you in this post.

No time to read it all?
Here’s a summary:

The Berlin Welcome Card offers a wider range of discounts, a choice of how many days you get the card for, and free travel on public transportation. It’s the best Berlin travel card if you plan to do a lot of different things over the course of several days.

The EasyCityPass Berlin covers less sights and activities but it does offer free public transport. If you’re going to Berlin for at least three days and plan to use public transport at least twice per day, get the EasyCityPass Berlin to save money.


The Berlin Welcome Card vs the Easy City Pass Berlin

What is the Berlin Welcome Card?

The Berlin Welcome Card offers you a budget-friendly way to enjoy an action-packed trip to Berlin. If you’re the kind of person who loves to cram as many activities and as much sightseeing as possible into their trip, the Berlin Card will be a godsend to your bank account. It’s essentially a Berlin city tour card.

There are three variations of the Berlin Welcome Card. The first is the classic Berlin Welcome Card, which offers free public transport within a certain zone and up to 50% discount at a range of venues. This includes famous attractions, restaurants, souvenir stores, museums, sightseeing tours, bike rentals, and more. You will also get a city map and guidebook thrown in for good measure.

The second kind of card is the Berlin Welcome Card All-Inclusive. This includes everything that you get with a classic card, plus some extra goodies. In addition to discounts at over 200 sites, you will also get free admission to over 30 of the city’s top attractions.

The third type of Welcome Card is the Museum Island Berlin Welcome Card, which includes all the benefits of the classic welcome card plus free entry to one museum on Museum Island per day. These museums are: Alte Nationalgalerie, Altes Museum, Bode Museum, Neues Museum, and Pergamon Museum.

If you plan your days meticulously and can fit plenty of attractions in each day, the all-inclusive card could save you over €100 in admission fees.

The Berlin Welcome Card 2023 benefits: activities and sights included

welcome card berlin
Has this Berlin discount card piqued your interest? Let’s have a closer look at exactly what is included with the Berlin city card. I have included regular prices so you can compare and calculate your savings as you go.

For the purposes of brevity, I will focus on the all-inclusive card as it includes everything that the standard card includes, plus a bit extra. If you plan on buying the standard card, just ignore the first section about free entry to attractions.

Free Entry to the Following Famous Berlin Attractions

  • Alte Nationalgalerie – 10 EUR
  • Altes Museum – 10 EUR
  • Asisi Panorama THE WALL – 11 EUR
  • Barberini Museum
  • Berlin City Circle Sightseeing – 33 EUR
  • Berlin Dungeon – 28 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Berlin on Bike – 29 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Berlin Television Tower – 16,50 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Bode-Museum – 10 EUR
  • C/O Berlin – 10 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • CitySightseeing Potsdam – 27 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Computerspielemuseum – 9 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • DDR Museum – 8,50 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Gemäldegalerie – 10 EUR
  • German History Museum – 8 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • German Spy Museum – 8 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Hamburger Bahnhof – 14 EUR
  • Hitler – how could it happen – 12 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • James-Simon-Gallery – 14 EUR
  • Little BIG City – 18 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin – 28 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Museum of Photography – 10 EUR
  • Neues Museum – 12 EUR
  • Neue Nationalgalerie
  • Nextbike bike sharing
  • Olympic Stadium Visitor Center – 8 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Original Berlin Walks – 22 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Pergamon Museum – 12 EUR
  • Stasimuseum – 10 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • Stern und Kreisschiffahrt – 19,90 EUR (25% off with classic card)
  • The Wall Museum – 12,50 EUR (25% off with classic card)


Free public transport

berlin welcomecard review
The classic and all-inclusive cards offer unlimited travel on Berlin’s fantastic public transport network. You’ll have full access to the buses, trains, and trams in Berlin’s City Center (fare zones AB). There is also the option to buy a Welcome Card with a wider scope for travel. For just a few extra euros, you can travel freely through Berlin’s center, Potsdam, the Schönfeld Airport, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, and the Sachsenhausen Memorial (Zone ABC).

To compare prices, a Berlin travel card day ticket without the Welcome Card costs 8,80 EUR for Zone AB and 10 EUR for Zone ABC. This entitles you to unlimited access to all of Berlin’s public transport within the designated zone.

If you are not planning on entering any of Berlin’s attractions and just want to wander around the city (which is also fun), buying public transport day tickets is more economical. However, once you throw a few museums into the mix, the Welcome Card starts to make a difference.

Take note that with the all-inclusive card, you also get access to the hop-on-hop-off bus tour, which is a fun and easy way to get an overview of the city.

Berlin Welcome Card discount list

berlin tourist card

Welcome Card Berlin discounts for restaurants

50% discount

  • BATA Bar & Billiards
  • Knutschfleck Berlin


30% discount

  • Berliner Schokoladen Manufaktur 31°–Chocolate workshop
  • Kaffeehaus Wilde Matilde


25% Discount

  • Aapka – Indian Restaurant
  • Berliner Republik
  • Brasserie Ganymed
  • Brechts Steakhaus
  • Café The Greens
  • Curry Wolf – Original Berliner Currywurst
  • Das Haus der 100 Biere am Ku’damm
  • Hard Rock Cafe Berlin
  • Italofritzen
  • MacLaren’s Pub
  • Restaurant & Café Drachenhaus
  • Restaurant Meena Kumari
  • Restaurant Weiss
  • Sir Hanh’s Old Town Hanoi
  • Steakhouse Las Malvinas
  • Vedang – plant burger
  • Waffeê
  • Xantener Eck


Berlin Welcome Card list of attractions and venues

berlin welcome card discounts

With 50% discount

  • Berlin Botanical Garden – 50% discount
  • Gedenkstätte Lindenstraße – 50% discount
  • Hitler’s plans for Berlin – Myth of Germania – 50% discount
  • Knutschfleck Berlin- 50% discount
  • Rausch Schokoladenhaus – 50% discount
  • Trabi Museum Berlin – 50% discount

With 30-40% discount

  • Berlinische Galerie – 38% discount
  • Barberini Museum – 37% discount
  • Berlinische Galerie – 40% discount
  • BKA Theater – 30% discount
  • Deutsches Technikmuseum – 37% discount
  • German Cinematheque – 44% discount
  • Hanf Museum – 33% discount
  • Hans Otto Theater – 30% discount
  • KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art – 30% discount
  • Modellpark Berlin-Brandenburg – 33% discount
  • Museum of Natural History – 37% discount
  • Panoramapunkt – 33% discount
  • Schwules Museum (Gay Museum) – 33% discount


With 20-29% discount

  • 1968 Museum – 25% discount
  • Adventure World Tours – 25% discount
  • Air Service Berlin Weltballon – 25% discount
  • Anne Frank Zentrum – 25% discount
  • Ansichtssachen – 25% discount
  • Art:Berlin – 25% discount
  • asisi Panorama THE WALL – 25% discount
  • Audiotouren Stadt im Ohr – 25% discount
  • Bar Jeder Vernunft – 25% discount
  • Bärentouren – historical sightseeing tour – 25% discount
  • Base Flying at Alexanderplatz – 25% discount
  • Berlin by Bulli – 25% discount
  • Berlin Cathedral – 25% discount
  • Berlin City Circle Sightseeing – 25% discount
  • Berlin City Tour – 25% discount
  • Berlin Cityschiffsfahrten – 25% discount
  • Berlin Dungeon – 25% discount
  • Berlin Erlbenisse – 25% discount
  • Berlin Global – 25% discount
  • Berlin on Bike – Tours & Rental – 25% discount
  • Berlin Stores – 25% discount
  • Berlin Story Museum – 25% discount
  • Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehtum) – 25% discount
  • Berliner Kriminal Theater – 25% discount
  • Berliner Residence Concerts – 25% discount
  • Big Bus Tours Berlin – 25% discount
  • – 25% discount
  • Biosphäre Potsdam – 25% discount
  • Boat Tours Potsdam – 25% discount
  • Body Worlds Museum Berlin – 25% discount
  • BR Volleys – 25% discount
  • Bröhan Museum – 25% discount
  • Brücke-Museum – 25% discount
  • BWSG Berlin – 25% discount
  • C/O Berlin – 25% discount
  • Cabaret Theatre – 25% discount
  • Canoe Berlin – 25% discount
  • Cat in the Bag – 25% discount
  • Chamäleon Theater Berlin – 25% discount
  • Charlottenburg – 25% discount
  • City Segway Tours – 25% discount
  • City Sightseeing Potsdam – 25% discount
  • COLD WAR MUSEUM- 25% discount
  • Comedy Tour Berlin – 25% discount
  • Computer Games Museum – 25% discount
  • Cultour Berlin – 25% discount
  • DDR Museum (GDR Museum) – 25% discount
  • delphi LUX – 25% discount
  • Designer Depot – 25% discount
  • Deutsche Oper Berlin – 25% discount
  • Deutsches Historisches Museum (German History Museum) – 25% discount
  • Deutsches Theater Berlin – 25% discount
  • Deutschlandmuseum – 25% discount
  • DIE MAUER | THE WALL – 25% discount
  • Die Stachelschweine – 25% discount
  • Disgusting Food Museum Berlin – 25% discount
  • Distel Cabaret Theatre – 25% discount
  • E-bike Sightseeing Tours – 25% discount
  • EASTSIDESEEING – 25% discount
  • EXTAVIUM Potsdam – 25% discount
  • Fatbikesafari Berlin – 25% discount
  • Filmmuseum Potsdam – 25% discount
  • Filmpark Babelsburg – 25% discount
  • Flughafen Tempelhof (Tempelhof Airport) – 25% discount
  • Foxtrail – 25% discount
  • Französischer Dom – Viewing platform- 25% discount
  • Frau Tonis Parfum – 25% discount
  • Free Berling Bike Tours (not free despite the name) – 25% discount
  • Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin – 25% discount
  • Gardens of the World – 25% discount
  • German Spy Museum (Deutsches Spionagemuseum) – 25% discount
  • Gezer Spa – 25% discount
  • Haus am Waldsee – 28% discount
  • Helicopter Flights – 25% discount
  • Historical Mill in Park Sanssouci – 25% discount
  • Hitler – how could it happen? – 25% discount
  • Hotrod City Tour – 25% discount
  • House Running – 25% discount
  • Hurricane Factory Berlin – 25% discount
  • Icebar Berlin – 25% discount
  • Ick bin Berliner – 25% discount
  • Illuseum Berlin – 25% discount
  • Jewish Museum Berlin – 25% discount
  • JUMP House Berlin – 25% discount
  • Kaiser Tour Potsdam City and Palace Tours – 25% discount
  • Kolla.Berlin – 25% discount
  • Komische Oper Berlin – 25% discount
  • Konzerthaus Berlin – 25% discount
  • Kunstgewerbemuseum im Schloss Köpenick (Museum of Decorative Arts in the Köpenick Castle) – 25% discount
  • KW Institute for Contemporary Art – 25% discount
  • Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin – 25% discount
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin – 25% discount
  • Lindt Boutique – 25% discount
  • Little BIG City Berlin – 25% discount
  • MACHmit! Museum for Kids – 28% discount
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin – 25% discount
  • Magicum – 25% discount
  • Maranja Rästeltour – 25% discount
  • Mike’s Sightseeing Berlin – 25% discount
  • Museum of European Culture – 25% discount
  • Museum Fluxus – 25% discount
  • Museum Nikolaikirche (Church of Nikolai) | Stadtmuseum Berlin – 25% discount
  • Museumsdorf Düppel – 25% discount
  • Natural History Museum Potsdam – 25% discount
  • Oldie Käfer Tour (Vintage Beetle Tour) – 25% discount
  • Olympiastadion Berlin Visitor Center – 25% discount
  • Original Berlin Walks- 25% discount
  • pedales – 25% discount
  • Popkornditorei Knalle – 25% discount
  • Potsdam City Circle Sightseeing – 25% discount
  • Potsdam City Walk (Stadtspaziergang durch Potsdam) – 25% discount
  • Potsdam Museum – 25% discount
  • Quatsch Comedy Club – 25% discount
  • Reederei Bruno Winkler – 25% discount
  • Reederei Hadynski – 25% discount
  • Reederei Lüdicke – 25% discount
  • Renaissance Theater – 25% discount
  • Rooftop terrace at the Park Inn – 25% discount
  • Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg – 25% discount
  • SAMURAI Museum Berlin – 25% discount
  • Sanssouci – 20% discount
  • Satire Theater Potsdam – 27% discount
  • Schaubühne on Lehniner platz – 25% discount
  • Schönhausen Palace – 25% discount
  • Seilbahn Berlin – 25% discount
  • Showbühne Berlin – 25% discount
  • Sightrunning = Sightseeing + Jogging – 25% discount
  • Solarwaterworld – 25% discount
  • Spree Ahoi – 25% discount
  • Staatsoper Unter den Linden – 25% discount
  • Stage BLUEMAX Theatre – 25% discount
  • Stage Theater des Westens – 25% discount
  • Stars in Concert – 25% discount
  • Stasimuseum Berlin – 25% discount
  • StattReisen Berlin – 25% discount
  • Stern und Kreisschiffahrt – 25% discount
  • Stromma’s Hop On – Hop Off bus tours – 25% discount
  • Studio of Wonders – 25% discount
  • The Belvedere on the Pfingstberg – 25% discount
  • The Wall Museum – East Side Gallery – 25% discount
  • Tierpark Berlin – 25% discount
  • TimeRide Berlin – 25% discount
  • Tipi am Kanzleramt – 25% discount
  • Top Tour Sightseeing – 25% discount
  • Tour “Alter Fritz” Stadt- und Schlösserrundfahrten – 25% discount
  • Trabi Safari – 25% discount
  • Urban Bike Tours – 25% discount
  • Urban Mission: Agent Hunt and Family Agent Hunt – 25% discount
  • Vaganten Bühne – 25% discount
  • Vive Berlin Tours – 25% discount
  • Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide – 25% discount
  • Wall Museum – 25% discount
  • Wellenwerk – 25% discount
  • Wintergarten Varieté – 25% discount
  • Zeiss Planetarium – 25% discount
  • Zitadelle – 25% discount



Example itinerary with and without the Berlin Welcome Card

berlin welcome pass
So, the above list is exhaustive and looks a bit daunting when it is just sitting there out of context. As you can see, there are a lot of discounts on offer, and you aren’t going to be able to use all of them in one trip (or in a lifetime unless you live in Berlin or visit every weekend). In this section, I’d like to make the card seem less abstract by pulling it together into a potential itinerary for you.

Your itinerary for a two-day trip could look a little something like this:

Day One:

  • Morning – Berlin Dungeon
  • Afternoon – Berlin on Bike
  • Evening – Berlin Television Tower


Day Two:

  • Morning – German Spy Museum
  • Afternoon – The Wall Museum
  • Evening – Komische Opera House


That’s three activities each day, making for a fun-filled but not over-packed weekend break. You will, of course, be able to take public transport between all of the destinations. Now, is the Berlin Card worth it?

berlin welcome card museum list

Let’s do the maths. If you go all out and buy the all-inclusive Welcome Card, your savings will be as follows:

On day one, you will only pay for the TV Tower (20 EUR- 25%, which will be 15 EUR), and on day two, it will be free apart from the opera ticket, which will be discounted by 25%. Tickets are usually around 50 EUR for the opera, so after the discount, it will be around 37,50 EUR. So both days will cost 141,50 EUR (89 for the 48h all-inclusive card, 15 for the TV tower, and 37,50 for the discounted opera ticket).

With the classic Welcome Card, the price will be 58,70 EUR for day one, 55,90 EUR for day two, and 23 EUR for the Welcome Card. This totals 137,60 EUR for the weekend.

Without either of the cards, the total will be 59,50 EUR for day one, 74,50 EUR for day two, and 14 EUR for a day travel ticket for each day. This comes to 148 EUR for the weekend.

As you can see, you can save around 6 EUR with the all-inclusive card in this situation. Remember, that doesn’t include discounts you can enjoy if you eat in the restaurants mentioned above (I haven’t included them in the itinerary as everyone will spend different amounts on meals, so it is hard to judge what kind of saving you could have).

Of course, this is just a sample itinerary. You could save even more if you plan your days carefully and cover four or even five activities in a day. How much you save is ultimately in your hands once you buy the card.

Who is it for?

berlin welcome card museum island
This entirely depends on what kind of traveler you are. Some people use their vacations to do nothing after working hard all year. In this case, the card is not for you. However, there are others that like to pack as much activity into their vacation as possible to combat the monotony of having to go to work every day. If you relate to this, the Welcome Card is definitely for you.

While the card is predominantly aimed at tourists, there is nothing to stop someone living in Berlin from purchasing one. There is something rather charming about being a tourist in your own city for a day or two.

You should also ask yourself if you ever plan to return to Berlin. For Europeans, getting to Berlin is easy, and the likelihood of a return trip is pretty high. This means you don’t need to cram everything in one go. If you’re coming from further afield, like the USA or Australia, you might only have one opportunity to experience Berlin. In this case, you will probably want to grab yourself a Welcome Card so you can really make the most of your time there.

How to choose the best Berlin Welcome Card for you?

museum berlin card

Berlin Welcome Card cost?

For the All-Inclusive Berlin Welcome Card and Berlin Museum Card, the prices are as follows:

Adult with public transport Berlin travel pass:

  • Berlin Welcome Card 48 hours: 89 EUR
  • Berlin Welcome Card 72 hours: 109 EUR
  • Berlin Welcome Card 4 days: 129 EUR
  • Berlin Welcome Card5 days: 149 EUR
  • Berlin Welcome Card 6 days: 169 EUR


Adult without public transport:

  • 48h: 79 EUR
  • 72h: 95 EUR
  • 4 days: 105 EUR
  • 5 days: 119 EUR
  • 6 days: 139 EUR



  • 48h: 55 EUR
  • 72h: 59 EUR
  • 4 days: 69 EUR
  • 5 days: 75 EUR
  • 6 days: 79 EUR (note that children’s tickets do not include public transport as up to three children may travel for free with an adult)


For the classic Berlin Welcome Card, the prices are as follows:

Zone AB

  • 48h: 25 EUR
  • 72h: 35 EUR
  • 72h + Museum Island Card: 53 EUR
  • 4 days: 43 EUR
  • 5 days: 48 EUR
  • 6 days: 53 EUR


Zone ABC

  • 48h: 30 EUR
  • 72h: 40 EUR
  • 72h + Museum Island Card: 56 EUR
  • 4 days: 47 EUR
  • 5 days: 52 EUR
  • 6 days: 56 EUR


How to choose the best Berlin Welcome Card for you

city card berlin
Ultimately, if you want to pack a lot of attractions into your trip, the all-inclusive Welcome Card is the best way to go. If you plan on traveling a lot around the city and seeing just a few popular sights, then it might be better to opt for the classic Welcome Card.

If you want to get your culture fix but don’t have the budget to splash out on the all-inclusive card, opt for the 72h + Museum Island card. The Museum Island card lets you see the city and some of its top attractions without breaking the bank.

Bear in mind that you don’t need to purchase a card for the whole duration of your trip. If you have a week in Berlin, you could buy the 48h card and spend two days rushing around sightseeing and the rest of your journey chilling and being more leisurely. The choice is yours.

Where to buy the Berlin Welcome Card?

berlin welcome card where to buy
Most people will buy the Berlin Welcome Card online. This is the easiest option, and it means you won’t waste vacation time trying to buy one once you arrive in Berlin.

However, if you would prefer to purchase your Welcome Card in person, they are available in all the Berlin tourist information centers, big hotels, and public transport stations throughout the city. You can also purchase them at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Once you have bought your card, you will be given a plastic discount card and a separate public transport ticket. Simply write the date on the back of the plastic card and hand it over whenever you need to pay for something at any of the places listed above. It couldn’t be simpler.

Practical tips for getting the most out of your Berlin Welcome Card

berlin welcome card price
The most important thing to do if you want to make the most out of your Berlin Welcome Card is to plan your itinerary meticulously. The card is not cheap, but there is a huge number of discounts on offer. If you are clever, you will use this article and the relevant websites to find out how you can get the best savings and the most enjoyment out of each day.

Another important thing to remember is not to overbuy your ticket. In other words, if you are there for two and a half days, opt for the 48h option rather than the 72h option. Having less time with the card is better than paying for time you can’t use.

After your 48 hours runs out, there are still plenty of things to do in Berlin that are free or cheap, regardless of whether you have a Welcome card or not.

Get the Berlin Welcome Card

Alternative: the Easy City Pass Berlin

Just when you thought you had got your head around the Berlin Welcome Card, it’s time to throw something else into the mix. Now it’s time to take a look at the EasyCityPass Berlin, the alternative choice to the Berlin Welcome Card.

We’re now going to do a run-through of everything the EasyCityPass Berlin has to offer so you can make up your own mind as to which card best suits your trip.

What is the Easy City Pass Berlin?

The EasyCityPass Berlin is similar to the Welcome Card in that it offers discounted entry to many attractions and activities. It also provides completely free public transport on the S-Bahn, bus, tram, and regional train.

So is the EasyCityPass Berlin worth it?

The discounts include museums, culture, shopping, nightlife, and gastronomy.

The main difference with the EasyCityPass Berlin is that you can buy it to last up to 6 days. These are your options:

  • EasyCityPass 48 Hours Berlin – Zones AB – 24 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 48 Hours Berlin – Zones ABC – 27 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 72 Hours Berlin – Zones AB – 32 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 72 Hours Berlin – Zones ABC – 38 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 4 Days Berlin – Zones AB – 40 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 4 Days Berlin – Zones ABC – 46 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 5 Days Berlin – Zones AB – 45 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 5 Days Berlin – Zones ABC – 51 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 6 Days Berlin – Zones AB – 49 EUR
  • EasyCityPass 6 Days Berlin – Zones ABC – 54 EUR

No child price is listed as every adult ticket covers up to three children aged 6-14.

EasyCityPass Berlin benefits: what’s included?

city pass berlin
Unlike the Welcome Card, there is no free entry to attractions, just discounts at popular tourist destinations.

Easy City Pass Berlin discounts


    • Alternative Berlin Tours – up to 50% off
    • art:Berlin – up to 50% off
    • Berline Erlebnisse – up to 50% off
    • Big Bus Berlin – up to 50% off
    • BWSG Berlin – up to 50% off
    • Christian Bednarz 1A Stadtführungen – up to 50% off
    • Segway Cooltourings: Segway &
      E-Scooter Tours – up to 50% off
    • Fat Tire Tours Berlin – up to 50% off
    • Fernsehturm– up to 50% off
    • Foxtrail – up to 50% off
    • Hotrod Tour Berlin – up to 50% off
    • MS Diva Eventschiff – up to 50% off
    • Older Kafer Tour Berlin – up to 50% off
    • Original Berlin Walks – up to 50% off
    • Questo App – up to 50% off
    • Reederei Riedel – up to 50% off
    • Stadt im Ohr – up to 50% off
    • Stern- und Kreisschiffahrt – up to 50% off
    • Street Safari – up to 50% off
    • Streifzüge mit Birgit L. – up to 50% off
    • Stromma Sightseeing-Touren – up to 50% off
    • Top Tour Sightseeing – up to 50% off
    • Trabi World – up to 50% off


    Museums and exhibitions

    • Berlin Dungeon – up to 20% off
    • Buchstabenmuseum – up to 20% off li>
    • Computerspielemuseum – up to 20% off li>
    • Die Mauer-asisi Panorama Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Disgusting Food Museum – up to 20% off
    • Georg Kolbe Museum – up to 20% off
    • Hanf Museum Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Illuseum Berlin – up to 20% off
      Menschen Museum – up to 20% off
    • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Little BIG City Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Madame Tussauds – up to 20% off
    • Panoramapunkt am
      Potsdamer Platz – up to 20% off
    • SEA LIFE Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Spiegellabyrinth – up to 20% off
    • THE WALL MUSEUM – up to 20% off


    Food and drinks

    • Aapka – Indisches Restaurant – up to 25% off
    • AVA Club- up to 50% off
    • Berliner Kaffeerösterei – up to 25% off li>
    • BRLO Brwhouse Brauerei Touren – up to 25% off li>
    • Café La Mouche am Schloss
      Charlottenburg – up to 25% off
    • Hard Rock Cafe Berlin – up to 25% off
    • Havanna Bar – up to 50% off
    • House of Gin – up to 50% off
    • Jazzclub Schlot – up to 50% off
    • Kurhaus Korkasow – up to 25% off
    • Lausebengel – Biervielfalt &
      Berliner Küche – up to 25% off
    • meena kumari restaurant – up to 25% off
    • Nocti Vagus Dunkelrestaurant mit
      Showbühne – up to 25% off
    • PEP´s Kaffee – up to 25% off
    • Tigertörtchen Chausseestraße – up to 25% off
    • Tigertörtchen Nikolaiviertel – up to 25% off


    Stage shows

    • Bar Jeder Vernunft – up to 20% off
    • Berliner Residenz Konzerte – up to 20% off
    • BKA Theater – up to 20% off
    • Estrel Showtheater – up to 20% off
    • Friedrichstadt-Palast – up to 20% off
    • Illuseum Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Jazzclub Schlot – up to 20% off
    • Kabarett Theater Distel – up to 20% off
    • Sand-Theater Berlin – up to 20% off
    • Theater im Keller – up to 20% off
    • Tipi am Kanzleramt – up to 20% off
    • Wintergarten Varieté – up to 20% off
    • Zilles Stubentheater – up to 20% off



    • Designer Depot – up to 20% off
    • Dederon-Design – up to 20% off li>
    • Frau Tonis Parfum – up to 20% off li>
    • Lit Lab Berlin – up to 20% off



    • Air Service Berlin City Rundflug – up to 25% off
    • Air Service Berlin Weltballon – up to 25% off
    • BRLO Brwhouse Brauerei Touren – up to 25% off
    • Dockx Schwarzlicht Minigolf & Lasertag – up to 25% off
    • Fernsehturm – up to 25% off
    • Illuseum Berlin – up to 25% off
    • JetSim Flugsimulation – up to 25% off
    • Illuseum Berlin – up to 25% off
    • Lit Lab Berlin – up to 25% off
    • Nocti Vagus Dunkelrestaurant mit Showbühne – up to 25% off
    • Stand Up Paddling – up to 25% off
    • The Wow Gallery – up to 25% off
    • TIMERIDE Berlin – Berlin 1985 – up to 25% off
    • TIMERIDE Berlin – Die Deutschland Zeitreise – up to 25% off
    • TIMERIDE Berlin – TIMERIDE GO! – up to 25% off
    • Waldhochseilgarten mit Sommergarten – up to 25% off
    • Wellenwerk – up to 25% off


    berlin tourist pass

    Free Public Transport

    Public transport is included in the price of your EasyCityPass Berlin. This provides unlimited access to all of the city’s public transport for the duration of your pass in Zone AB or for a little extra – zones ABC. If you buy the zones ABC ticket, it even includes transport to and from the Schönefeld Airport and Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

    Note that the pass covers up to three children aged 6-14 years for every adult pass purchased.


    Why purchase the Easy City Pass Berlin?

    easycitypass berlin price
    The list of discounts on attractions for the EasyCityPass Berlin is much shorter than the Berlin Welcome Card, which may leave you wondering is the EasyCityPass Berlin worth it?
    The main saving benefit when you purchase the EasyCityPass Berlin is the public transport savings, especially if you have children aged 6-14.

    A day ticket for public transport costs:

    • Zone AB: 8,80 EUR
    • Zone ABC: 10 EUR


    A 7-day public transport ticket alone costs:

    • Zone AB: 36 EUR
    • Zone ABC: 43 EUR


    So say you were going to take the 6-day EasyCityPass Berlin for just 9 EUR more than you’d pay for a weekly Zone ABC public transport ticket. You’d have access to all the discounts mentioned above.

    Is the Easy City Pass Berlin worth it for you?

    EasyCityPass Berlin
    The EasyCityPass Berlin, just like the Welcome Card, is for people who want to squeeze as much activity out of the vacation as possible. Three days can allow you to visit loads of Berlin’s attractions if you plan your days carefully and plot an efficient route on the map. Also, you need to decide whether the attractions with discounts on the EasyCityPass Berlin are places you actually want to visit or not. The list is much more limited than for the Berlin Welcome Card.

    On the flip side, if your plan is to chill out and meander around the city with a bratwurst in hand, then the EasyCityPass Berlin is a waste of money. Everyone will have a different motivation for visiting Berlin, so think about what you want to get out of the city and let that determine whether or not you buy the EasyCityPass Berlin.

    berlin discount

    Where to buy the Easy City Pass Berlin?

    You can buy the EasyCityPass Berlin online or you can purchase it from one of these locations:

    • All ticket machines and points of sale of the S-Bahn Berlin
    • Schönefeld Airport: vending machines and points of sale of the S-Bahn Berlin
    • Tegel Airport: DB ticket vending machines
    • Central Station: vending machines and points of sale of the S-Bahn Berlin


    Practical tips for getting the most out of your Easy City Pass Berlin

    easycitypass berlin review
    The trick to getting the most value out of your EasyCityPass Berlin is to plan your days meticulously. Get up early and plan your travel routes so you don’t waste time stressing over Google Maps before you set off. Similarly, pay close attention to opening hours. Some attractions will close as early as 4 pm, whereas others will stay open until 8 pm. Use that to inform your itinerary.

    You should also take logistics into account. Berlin is a fairly big city, so if there are a few attractions you want to see that are all in the same area, try to cover them all in one go. This will save you time going back and forth.

    Berlin Welcome Card vs Easy City Pass Berlin: which one to choose?

    Now, for the crux of the entire article. With your Berlin trip looming, it is time to decide: which card do you buy, if any at all? Hopefully, my analysis of the two cards above has gone some way towards showing you which card might be for you, but I will do a little summary here to bring it all together.

    EasyCityPass Berlin vs Welcome Card
    The Berlin Welcome Card has a few notable advantages. The first is that it offers a much more comprehensive range of discounts, in addition to the free entry that comes with the all-inclusive and Berlin Museum island pass. The second is that some of these discounts are available at restaurants, which could significantly reduce your trip’s total price as you will most likely eat out two, if not three, times each day.

    The third benefit of the Welcome Card is that you can choose the card’s duration to fit with the length of your vacation. Berlin is generally considered a weekend, city break type of destination. If this is how you plan to visit the city, you will probably only have 48 hours there, meaning the 6-day EasyCityPass Berlin is too long and won’t be worth the money.

    However, the EasyCityPass Berlin also has its advantages. While the list of perks is shorter, the pass itself is much cheaper and automatically includes public transport. If you plan to travel all over the city and maximize the use of public transport, you will get a lot of use out of the EasyCityPass Berlin.

    berlin welcome card museum pass

    Neither of the cards is cheap, and the amount you will save by purchasing one depends on how much you intend to do with it.

    If you are going to Berlin for a weekend break or a longer period (5/6 days) and you think you will do some activities and will use public transport a lot, purchase the classic Berlin Welcome Card.

    Alternatively, go for the 72h+ Museum Island Welcome Card. This gives you access to Berlin’s main five museums and public transport but is still very reasonably priced and doesn’t put you under pressure to visit a million attractions just to get your money’s worth.

    If your plan is the same as above, but you think you will do loads of activities, then purchase the all-inclusive Berlin Welcome Card.

    Finally, if all you want to do is sip a beer in the park and walk along the river, then don’t bother with either of the cards.

    I hope that sums it all up nicely for you. Enjoy your trip!

    Get the Berlin Welcome Card

    Get the EasyCityPass Berlin

    Don’t forget travel insurance

    Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. Travel insurance has you covered in case (part of) your trip gets canceled, you get sick or hurt abroad, and sometimes even when your electronics break or get stolen. I always make sure I’m covered on every trip I go on.

    Don’t have travel insurance yet? Check out SafetyWing. They offer super flexible plans that you can even sign up for while you’re already on your trip. On top of that, they were the first travel insurance to cover COVID, and when I got COVID, they reimbursed all of my expenses without making a fuss. Their customer support team is great, and I can personally recommend them.

    berlin germany tips

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